Margaux & Kyle Wedding at Tres Jolie Wedding Venue

Thinking back to our wedding day brings back a rush of emotion and beautiful memories. The build-up to the wedding was not easy but day of the actual wedding went down without a hitch. The day before the wedding was filled with a few last minute errands, my cousin had flown in from Cape Town as she was one of my bridesmaids, and my first childhood friend, we had our nails done, sipped champagne and spent some quality time together. The night before the wedding was very calm and relaxed, I thought I would be more nervous but instead, I was filled with excitement! I spent the evening at my mom’s house with family, we chatted and packed for the big day. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in the world.

The morning of the wedding came quickly and we were out of the house and on our way by 7. I arrived at the venue with my mom, sisters and my cousin. We had a lovely breakfast before we started preparing the reception area and church. My mom is the world’s best wedding planner, she took control and worked on the décor for months. She was so devoted to creating a picture perfect wedding day, she succeeded and some. Every element was carefully thought out and everything was done with the utmost love. I am so lucky to have had her help me every step of the way and I treasure the time we spent together leading up to create this perfect day.

It was important to me to add little details of our journey to the day and I wanted to be involved in everything and really enjoyed setting things up. I helped until the last minute, the hairdresser and makeup artist actually had to come and call me to sit down. When things had calmed down a little I spent the remainder of the day in the bridal suite with my bridesmaids. My two sisters were bursting with excitement which I fed off, they are my everything and I was so overjoyed having them next to me throughout the experience. They made my journey unforgettable. We drank champagne and listened to music whilst getting prettified by the best beauty team a bride could wish for.

My beautiful sister in law, also a bridesmaid, made sure we had enough sweets and treats to keep us going. She always provides a good laugh and has endless love to give. She helped me into my dress and that was the first time that the day did not feel so surreal. When I came out in my dress I felt like a princess, my bridesmaids looked stunning and my mom so elegant. We had such fun taking photos and these photos were amongst my favourites. I shared first looks with my two brothers, my stepmom, my stepdad and my dad. Those few minutes, before going down to the chapel, with all my family around were precious. Just before going to the chapel I received a gift from Kyle, a beautifully embroidered handkerchief, for the first time that day my eyes filled with tears and my heart started to beat a little faster.

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When we got to the chapel doors the nerves kicked in, my dad and I were left outside the chapel alone. In that moment I realised once again that I was about to marry my best friend. When the doors opened I just stared at Kyle and couldn’t wait for him to turn around and see me, when he did my heart burst with love, joy, excitement and every other wonderful emotion. When I got to him my only thought was ‘don’t let go of me.‘ My legs could not stop shaking! The ceremony was beautiful and having everyone we love there to witness our commitment to each other was just magnificent. Walking out of the church is one of the most memorable moments I treasure of the day, appearing as Mr and Mrs Mills for the first time felt incredible. The rest of the evening was filled with love, laughter, good food and celebrations. It was a day that I couldn’t have imagined any better in my wildest dreams. I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with such beautiful memories and photos, of course, to look back on.

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